What’s with kindergarten?

When did kindergarten become so vigorous? They use words like progressive and innovative when in reality, the connotation is much more negative than those words imply. The expectations of our young ones are down right repulsive. Developmently they are not equipped to sit for hours on end, retain instructions well for hours, or control some of those oh so fun emotions.

Being progressive should be finding new and improved ways to teach children, all children. Even the ones that fit outside of their precious box. But, no, it means advancements beyond their brain development with criticism and discipline being administered to correct behaviors perfectly normal for their age.

Pressure. Gosh there is so much pressure. Pressure on teachers, pressure on students, and ultimately pressure on parents. It’s hard enough to juggle life, work, family, and extracurriculars. Add in constant communication from schools urging the parents to push push push their children at home. Is there no break?

I’ve received messages from teachers that my child was wiggly and chatty that day during carpet time. In Kindergarten teachers should expect wiggly and chatty kids….they are literally five and six years old. Hell, I’m thirsty one, guess what? Still wiggly and chatty. One day my youngest hid from her teacher under a table at school. I understand the panic the teacher must have felt, but when I asked my daughter about the situation her response was enlightening and still somewhat astonishing. She said, “mom, all we do is learn and write and read and write and learn and learn and learn. My brain just needed a minute and I couldn’t get one so I took one instead.” Props to her for being aware of her mental well-being, Lord knows I struggle with this to this day. But how sad that this is what kindergarten has become. You want to know why kids no longer know how to communicate, problem solve in groups, or otherwise interact with others? These are the years we are supposed to be teaching them how, and instead we are making out their little brain power. If it were to continue for the next, say, ten years, what does their future look like? These are life skills, extremely important ones at that. My five year old should be wiggly and chatty and learning to work with other kids, not sitting silently for hours.


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