Never heard of it? Probably because I made it up a couple years ago. Everyone knows proper salon etiquette. Ya don’t talk about Politics.

Now I’m a business owner, and a right savvy one I think. I can be any one you want me to be, as long as it’s just the two of us in there.

It was a busy morning at the shop, and I pride myself on my diverse clientele. There sat Martha, a lovely woman in her seventies. I’d been doing her hair for a little over two years at this point and political affiliation had never been a subject of conversation. We were nearing the next Presidential election. Martha blatantly disregarded the unspoken rule. Clearly and concisely presenting her opinion. She was down right agressive to be honest. Eyeballs around the room could be heard blinking as they stared in amazement. She looked to me for an agreeing nod or comment, everyone else looked to me to see how I felt or would handle the situation. I made the the most neutral and what I thought was the best statement to be made as a business owner with multiple mindsets present. I made up a new word.

Demublical : one that can see and/or agree with aspects of a democratic, republican, and liberal ideals simultaneously; one who shows tolerance and understanding of all political affiliations.

See what I did there? I was so proud of myself. It even has a fantastic definition. Who could be mad at me for that? Pretty much says I’m open minded and choose intentionally, and intelligently.

Never have I ever been more wrong. Martha never said a word about it. It wasn’t until I had Martha’s son in law in for a haircut did I realize how wrong I had been. She was furious with me. She demanded the entire family stop seeing me immediately. As the matron the family, and I the one who always paid for her daughter and granddaughters hair, those three ladies have never stepped foot in my salon since. She said I was what was wrong with America. I needed to pick a side and stick to it. I literally busted out in laughter, thinking you’ve got to be kidding me? I was so neutral, so open, so nonspecific as to not upset anyone. Meanwhile throughout the rest of the country downtown areas were being burned and looted, glad I’m what’s wrong with American Martha.


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