I Wonder

I wonder if my feet are straight with every step I take I wonder if they notice When I make a big mistake I wonder if they hear me When I coach them everyday I wonder if they see me tired And know how hard it is To constantly be doing, going To them Im limitless I wonder if they see me cry When it all becomes too much I wonder will they realize The sacrifices made To raise such lovely angels In a place and time like this To teach them right and wrong And make memories with these kids I wonder if they know They are worth it every day That I wouldn’t change one detail Though challenges are great They are my greatest blessing and Life’s most precious gift Know every step I take has purpose To keep them grounded not adrift I watch them grow, I watch them dance. I watch them learn in awe. Not scared to take a chance I wonder if they’ll miss me When they’re big and move away When little ones who run to kiss me At the end of each my days Become a distant memory As they follow each their fates I hope they know they’re perfect No matter their mistakes And when they have their own Will they look back and understand They saved my soul almost daily With the simple touch of hand


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