Top 10 Things That Give Me Sticker Shock as a Adult

  1. Sheets. Bed sheets make or break a sleeping experience. Too hot, can’t sleep. Too fuzzy, can’t breath. Too hard, too itchy to sleep. But Got Almighty I never realized it was sleepy time version of purchasing precious jewels. I just can not spend over $20 on sheets for my kids beds, so that they can later cut eye holes out of them to chase me around like a rainbow unicorn ghost.
  2. Lamps. All lamps use the same wiring technique. So why are some of the $14 and others $314? Is the wiring perhaps gold plated? Does it read my mind when I want to cut it on?
  3. Paper towels. It’s no wonder my momma used to get so mad when I would carelessly grab a handful of paper towels to clean up a tiny spill. Start with one, if you need more, I’ll give you one. All makes sense. Not to say they’re really expensive, but they cost enough to be something that’s made to be thrown away immediately after use.
  4. Laundry Detergent. Ever find yourself in the laundry aisle at the grocery store just trying to work things out in your head. Like, ok, I can buy this big one, but have to cut back two boxes of cereal. Or I can get the medium and drop the chips. You know what I’ll get this tiny one that does five loads, and get the cereal and chips. Deep down knowing good and darn well there’s more than five loads already in the laundry room.
  5. Toilet Paper. Similar to number three. I just feel some kind of way about spending so much on something you’re literally flushing down the toilet.
  6. Tin Foil. I can get 25 feet for $3.75 or 50 feet for $5.98….or may be just this off brand thats insufficient at best with 10 feet for $1.89. Yep, I’ll take that one.
  7. Sunblock. It’s so very important, but I admit, I have a hard time buying a $10 bottle of it. However I will never buy the off brand again. I made the mistake once, fully applying all over my oldest when she was in daycare. Only to get a glimpse of her in my rear view mirror and she looked like Will Smith in the movie Hitch.
  8. Paint. Wall paint isn’t something you cheap out on, or if you do, it’s only once. But $50 a gallon makes me cringe a little and I change my mind over time a lot. Working on that, but I’m a constant work in progress.
  9. Snow cones. Snow cones at the coliseum get me every time. $18 is the going rate now. $18 for chopped ice and syrup in a tiny cup. Most of which will likely end up in the hair of the innocent father sitting in front of us.
  10. Leotards. Holy flipping moly, the price of the Target versions are bad enough, but you can kiss your retirement goodbye if you have a competitive dancer or gymnast. The more accomplished, the higher the price. It’s like they are embedded with Swarvoski crystals and sewn from the hair of a virgin and Rumplestiltskins himself.

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What is something that gives you sticker shock every time you need it? I’d love to hear them all!

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