Please Don’t Call Me Supermom

Wonder Woman, supermom, #momgoals. All are terms people use to say, you’re doing a great job momma. So why is the title of this article asking others not to say it?

I take it as a compliment, and let’s be honest we all need to hear it…daily. Honestly I’m not really asking people not to say it. I just want to shed a little light on a few things I’ve noticed that come with it.

Pressure. It can sometimes make me put more pressure on myself. It’s hard to take a step back and accept the compliment without thinking of all the things you need to work on. I know, personal problem, but hey, I’m human.

The pass off. I could be wrong, but, I personally believe it gives dad’s the easy way out. Why stress, when the wife, the supermom, can handle it. Not saying it’s a conscience decision, but when people are constantly telling you how much of a supermom your wife is, or asking things like, “how does she do it?” It’s like their subconscious allows it. Again, this is strictly an opinion, I’m not man bashing by any means, that’s probably in a different blog. I just feel it’s very humanly to not stop another person from doing too much if it’s taking off of your own plate.

So now, when someone says, “you’re literally a supermom” I just reply, “shh!” Don’t give away the secret and laugh a bit. I could say, “well do you know what one of Wonder Woman’s weaknesses is? No?” It’s being bound by a man and the bracelets of submission.” According to gaming

Ha how freaking funny would that be?y husband won’t be thrilled, but he’s used toy shenanigans by now. My husband is great and being a husband. No doubt he would go to the ends of the earth to provide for us, but after a long week of my own work, school work, laundry, meal fixing, drama calming, bath giving, goodie bag making, spirit week outfit planning, and cupcake baking, the last thing I feel is like a supermom. More like Super Exhausted Mom.

Yes im sleeping on a plastic golf set.

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