I’m No Conspiracy Theorist. I’m a God Fearing Theorist.

By now, if you haven’t started to question the ‘Why’ behind the chaos in our world today, I’m assuming you’re either a deep rooted Christian anxiously awaiting Jesus to get us the heck out of here, or, you’re just meandering through life refusing to acknowledge the red flags flying high.

Lets go back in time a bit, say twenty years ago, even just ten years ago. Ask yourself these questions.

  1. Would a President of the United States of America ever be blocked from a public social media site?
  2. If an election were to be held, and there was any evidence of fraud, would there not be a mandatory new election held?
  3. Would there ever be a monetary reward for getting vaccinated for a virus?
  4. Would the President ever break/override the very foundations the country is built upon, The Constitution?
  5. Would there ever be a mandate ordering Americans to receive a vaccine, after it’s proven infective?
  6. Would an American Government order the closure of businesses nationwide?
  7. Would a social and public forem used as a means to display our freedom of speech ever remove our ideals? Or ban a member for exercising their right?

A lot to take in, and as I’ve stated in many other blogs, these are my opinions only. All I’m saying is, ten years ago we would have all mocked these questions…of course not. American would never have to worry about these things, because, well, it’s America. Home of the free, land of the brave. If we are the land of the free, why have we not been living freely? If we are a land of the brave, why are so many Americans not brave enough to acknowledge these changes and stand up to them? The pandemic hit America hard, causing chaos and fear. We were vulnerable, and allowed ourselves to be pushed around, allowed our rights to be taken from us. Our fears of the unknown enabled us to hand over unalienable rights. Neighbors, friends, families rising up against one another with hate, due to the rhetoric used by the ones we look to for guidance, our leaders.

Facebook and Twitter freely removing options left and right if they do not fit into the box they’ve created. Actual video footage of real life events being blocked and taken down, because they can. How do they get away with that? Because this land of the free has been sleeping. It can be more comfortable to confirm, until it’s not. Until more and more things start to trickle away from the people of this once great nation. Conspiracy? I don’t think so. Ten years ago we may have laughed and mocked the “conspiracy theorist” if they would have told us we would be experiencing any one of the questions listed above. Yet here we are. Can we wake up now?

Can We The People go back to being the One the Only, the Great Land of the Free, Home of the Brave? Only time will tell! You don’t have to agree with me. Just do me a favor and open-mindedly consider the country,the world we live in now before you make a decision.


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