13 Will Make Ya Scream

Imagine tucking your child into bed at night just to find that they have been replaced by an imposter the next morning. They look the same, their voice sounds normal, but there’s a vibe…a tension surrounding them like the haze left behind after a forest fire. Your home is the forest, their hormones are the fire. This is what thirteen is like. The child you’ve known and adored has all a sudden, woken up an ass hole. They dislike almost every suggestion, unless a friend of theirs agrees with it, they half way eat, no longer care if chores are done, and the real kicker, have the audacity to get upset with you for getting upset with them for not handling their responsibilities. The cherry on top, they still ask/try to demand you do things for them and take them places. Mind blowing right?

Most parents would agree their kids get abducted by aliens around twelve or thirteen and bring them back around twenty or so. It’s been that way for ages. However parents today have way more to process through than their parents did. Within the past few years, suicide awareness has been at its peak, which is great…but with great misunderstanding comes great miscalculation and even greater consequences. Due to the awareness and a complete lack of mental health acknowledgement and resources, parents have avoided the entire potential problem by cutting back the discipline in their homes. No one ever wants walk in to find a hurt or dying child. As a parent, it will always be your fault in your own mind. I can not even imagine how broken that would be. The fact that parents are subconsciously removing consequences and taking responsibility from their homes out of a means to avoid potential loss of a child is heart wrenching. The funding for mental health facilities has been cut more and more each year, until there are very few places and even less employees with the background and knowledge needed to help these kids. Kids are extremely smart and manipulative, they see the here and now, not necessarily the big picture. I am not a doctor in any form, but I am a mom, and I talk to women all day every day. A lot of the moms I speak to have a common problem with their girl teens. They do not know the difference between being upset or angry with being clinically depressed. They are not the same, one is a natural emotion, where as the latter is a chemical imbalance. All of the awareness has created hypersensitivity to the issue, an obsession almost. It’s pumped into kids heads to the point they’ve forgotten what’s a natural emotion and what’s not. The results of this are devastating. Lose your phone? Angry about it? Hormones all over the place so you probably cry and yell too? Now here comes the threat of suicide, or the “I just don’t want to live” statements. As a parent your heart stops for a bit, then hits the gas pedal and you’re scrambling to find help and it’s not there. So what do you do? You give in, having a bratty kid is far better than one that doesn’t want to live. It’s not the fault of the kids, they’re just doing what they think they’re supposed to do, what society is saying they do. It’s not the fault of the parents. What parent wouldn’t do anything they can you help they babies? So what do we do then? As parents we have got to recognize the true need here. Without funding for mental health programs, teens are left to gather their information from social media. This deficiency is killing our children and it’s tying our hands so we’re left to raise ungrateful, irresponsible children with no concept of reality and consequences. What could go wrong? Literally everything. Awareness is not a solution. It will not be helpful without support, funding, and a community coming together to stop the crisis. Talk is cheap, as the old saying goes. The accuracy here is on point. Parents, it’s time we demand better for our children.

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