Are you ignoring me?

Beyond all the jokes and seemingly “all in fun” comments and memes, there’s a total misconception as to why I don’t answer text messages. 

I’m the first one up in the morning.

The last one asleep at night.

I run to the bathroom, only to have children banging on my door and calling, “momma”

I can’t even pee without being needed.

I’m always rushing out the door to school, to work, back to school for pick ups, back to work, back home late.

I am planning dinners, making grocery orders, switching laundry, helping with homework, playing mediator, kissing booboos, being an attentive wife, being an attentive mother.

So when I Don’t answer, I could be sleeping, I could be enjoying silence. My ability to pick up my phone and have a functional and coherent conversation is non-existent. I still love you all. But no, I can not come to my phone right now because I’m in a much needed vegetative state of bliss. I’ll circle back tomorrow!


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